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Foreword to CDC Report November 2019

Why on-farm Antibiotic Usage Data matters to EVERYONE

This report is dedicated to the 48,700 families who lose a loved one each year to antibiotic resistance or Clostridioides difficile, and the countless healthcare providers, public health experts, innovators, and others who are fighting back with everything they have The dedication in The American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 2019 report on AMR, launched

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VirtualVet business model is the future of data

The influential and thought provoking Jaron Lanier this week launched a brief series of videos on The New York Times. In Episode 2, Lanier describes MID (Mediator Individual Data). VirtualVet is a MID. We are working hard for our members (farmers) to generate value for their animal health data. While a more detailed version of

What’s the point of farm-level antibiotic usage data analysis?

Clarity; clarity of the scale of the problem; clarity of the level of usage on each farm; clarity of the impacts of that usage. That’s the point of farm-level surveillance data.

A service to help Ireland’s National Action Plan on AMR

VirtualVet welcomes the launch of Ireland’s ‘One Health’ National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance 2017-2020. The growing threat of antimicrobial resistance must be tackled through collaboration between animal and human health sectors. VirtualVet is gathering animal health data in near real-time providing accurate digital information to help stakeholders more accurately measure antibiotic and antimicrobial usage