About us

VirtualVet has built veterinary medicine usage surveillance software. Our aim is to enable the digitisation of important animal treatment data early and once. The use of a smartphone device brings significantly stronger standards of animal health traceability to the food producing value chain, and the digitised data has a value to various stakeholders in the industry.

Yet technology & data are only parts of the solution. Animal Disease Tracking Ireland Ltd is working to create industry wide collaborations to address the shortcomings in the existing drug packaging as well as the shortcomings in the surveillance methods and approaches within EU Member States and abroad. Our AHEAD 2017 workshop and its outcomes are an example of our value chain engagement.

For a quick explanation of our offering, listen to Sinead explain how we reduce risks for the wider agri-food and animal health industries.

Animal Disease Tracking Ireland Ltd and Animal Disease Tracking Ltd (UK) trade as VirtualVet.