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The VirtualVet platform helps farmers build a synchronised drug-book, compliance- ready at the drop of a hat. Accessed through the VirtualVet portal, the dynamic and editable drug-book enables farmers and vets using our platform to build a near real-time record of herd health including animal treatments and disease recording.

VirtualVet has built a smartphone app, web-portal and we deliver a phone support service to assist farmers record all on-farm animal treatments. Getting a clearer picture of the exact usage of drugs and earlier indication of animal disease instances will contribute to reduced risks for farmers, government agencies, food processors and the pharmaceutical companies – not to mention increased public health and food safety!

We offer our services free to farmers, using a data driven business model and explicit permissions from our farmers as data controllers. Our innovative, inclusive and farmer centred approach to data is in line with Copa Cogeca’s guidelines on the collection of use of agricultural data, with EU Commission’s Digital Economy strategy, and even CAP reform aims focused on simplification of compliance.

Our platform is available to be incorporated in to most existing farm management systems or veterinary practice management systems today.

At VirtualVet we take the privacy and security of your data and information seriously. The regulations and legislation governing personal data and the emerging importance of a digital economy to Europe present challenges that companies like VirtualVet must respond to proactively. The evolving demands and expectations from our customers and policy makers combine to create opportunities for real change to take place in the animal health and agri-food industries.

For VirtualVet this is a really exciting time; farmers are embracing the chance to control access to their data, to earn a fair value from their information and expertise, and to contribute to considerably stronger medicines traceability in agriculture.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you mail@virtualvet.eu