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Family Farming

Family Farming – In a time of Covid-19, a positive new habit

Close off a season and move forward – together. Every year we find spring can take a toll on the family dynamic. By the end of April, everyone is tired. Suddenly, the breeding season kicks off, replacing nights of recording the parentage of this spring’s calves with nights planning the parentage of next spring’s calves.

Antibiotic Habit

January 2022 Rule changes for on-farm antibiotic usage & prescribing

Great work has been carried out by governments, organisations and individuals to prepare farmers and vets for a deadline: January 2022. This deadline will mark the end of some lingering habits around antibiotic usage in animal agriculture. From our discussions and work with farmers, vets and the wider industry, there is a broad acceptance that

Foreword to CDC Report November 2019

Why on-farm Antibiotic Usage Data matters to EVERYONE

This report is dedicated to the 48,700 families who lose a loved one each year to antibiotic resistance or Clostridioides difficile, and the countless healthcare providers, public health experts, innovators, and others who are fighting back with everything they have The dedication in The American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 2019 report on AMR, launched

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VirtualVet business model is the future of data

The influential and thought provoking Jaron Lanier this week launched a brief series of videos on The New York Times. In Episode 2, Lanier describes MID (Mediator Individual Data). VirtualVet is a MID. We are working hard for our members (farmers) to generate value for their animal health data. While a more detailed version of

What’s the point of farm-level antibiotic usage data analysis?

Clarity; clarity of the scale of the problem; clarity of the level of usage on each farm; clarity of the impacts of that usage. That’s the point of farm-level surveillance data.

Real life consequences of AMR for farmers

In a detailed article The Economist (January 26th 2019 “Battling superbugs: First, Wash your hands” reports on the zero-tolerance approach taken in Dutch hospitals to antibiotic resistant infections. There were several scary findings in the article. The investment of time, resources, training and facilities required to save lives and reduce the risks from antibiotic resistant bugs

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  • 2019-01-18

A few changes to our farm portal

Today (January 18th 2019) we are releasing a few changes to our online portal, the place where we record and present to you, your farm’s animal remedy usage. To make sure we do everything properly, we need a day to road test our changes, so please bear with us while we ensure everything is working

A how-to guide for addressing overuse of antibiotics on-farm

This week (12th – 18th November 2018) is the World Health Organisation’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week. While there is no denying the work being carried out by many organisations, groups, institutions and individuals in the fight to save antibiotics, at VirtualVet we are still frustrated with the lack of impact on the ground. Every day

AMR is real and on-farm antibiotic rules are changing.

October has seen several high profile media outlets cover antibiotic usage in food producing animals. VirtualVet welcomes the attention this issue is generating, but fears the coverage will be ignored by many within the industry – including farmers and their vets. The strongest piece from an Irish point of view, was the coverage in the

A new network to combat anthelmintic resistance in livestock

VirtualVet is delighted to join this new network to combat anthelmintic resistance in livestock. Warsaw, February 2017 – 59 researchers from 25 countries met for the first time at the University of Life Sciences of Warsaw in Poland to discuss a coordinated approach in tackling anthelmintic resistance in ruminants. Anthelmintics are a particular drug class