Data Driven Economy

VirtualVet is a multi-channel data collection service for the agri-food and animal health industries.

Working with partners, we securely gather, analyse and visualise data and information from a range of sources. Our work unlocks the value in the important information farmers and vets capture, selling data on their behalf and ensuring the value is shared directly with farmers and vets.


This is the data driven economy with the power to benefit society.

  • Antimicrobial Resistance – our service can provide accurate and near real-time data on medicine usage in food producing animals. According to Lord Jim O’Neil and the AMR Review (below) in December 2015, lack of accurate data is a challenge to addressing antimicrobial resistance.
  • Spread of disease – near real-time knowledge of disease outbreaks will speed up responses. Building accurate and timely data-sets will help researchers develop better ways to deal with disease outbreaks. Vets and farmers can see clearly which areas or conditions may impact on their business.
  • Economic impacts – to be able to clearly demonstrate and contribute to a better understanding of best practices by farmers and vets will reassure consumers that their food is produced to the highest standards possible. Warnings about potential disease outbreaks will inform all members of society to be vigilant and respectful of disease control measures, reducing the risk of massive and costly outbreaks.

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Antimicrobials in agriculture and the environment - Reducing unnecessary use and waste